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Because we cannot use our own humanly senses to detect this Electromagnetic Radiation, even if there exist sources of ionizing radiation, by the time when our bodies react with headaches, nausea, fatigue, we may already had absorbed a total of 1 to 2 Gy (Gray) or correspondingly 1 to 2 Sv (sievert), which is already too late.

Thus, we believe that anyone who live near some sources of ionizing radiation consider having a personal radiation detector (PRD) with them at all times.

We highly recommend anyone who are working in environment that have sources of ionizing radiation to consider having their very own personal radiation detector, for their own health safety concerns.

Having your very own ionizing radiation hazards early warning device is indeed a good idea, if your environment is known to have sources of ionizing radiation.

As we also know that since ionizing radiation can be absorbed by a living body, in the case of people living at the Pacific Coast, it may be a good idea to use your personal radiation detector (PRD) to check for any possible radiation contamination from your food source, like fishes, or crustaceans caught from the Pacific Ocean. As  it is yet to be understood what are the impacts to the fishes, and crustaceans, and the entire ecology of the Pacific Ocean, when Japan are releasing radioactive contaminated waters from Fukushima.

Thus, it’s really a good idea to use a personal radiation detector to measure the ionizing radiation from your favorite seafood from Pacific Ocean, this can save lives!

Why is ionizing radiation control important?

As we had already understood the harms of ionizing radiation to the living body if left unchecked.

Thus, sources of ionizing radiation should be understood.

The earlier articles would allow anyone to have a firm grasp and understanding of what radiation absorption dose is all about.

In order to control or stop ionizing radiation from propagating into the living body of anyone.

The basic principles to abide is, once there is a detection of harmful ionizing radiation from your dose rate personal radiation detector, the idea is to spend as little time as possible in that specific location.

Whereas possible, to move away from the source of harmful ionizing radiation, the greater the distance, the less radiation is received.

Finally, when one can find a shielding against harmful ionizing radiation, it’s a temporary shielding, and the best is to get away as far as possible from the radiation source.

What are the effects of ionizing radiation to the environment and ecosystem of earth?

Sources of Data Used to Set Radiation Standards

Two series of reports provide much of the data used in setting radiation standards. The reports are produced by National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR).

We would highly recommend to access the above website’s clearly researched and analyzed Publication Journals from National Academy of Sciences and also United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation.

These 2 organizations provide truly comprehensive studies done:

Committees on Biological Effects of Atomic Radiation, 1954-1964 (

Publications (

UNSCEAR’s Publications dated back from 1958 till current date, in our opinion, we would think that this website would be the go to website to download all their publications to study the effects of ionizing radiation to the environment and ecosystem of earth. A big bravo to be humanity’s savior!

Why ionizing radiation measurement and control is important to everyone?

Finally we are at the conclusion of why ionizing radiation measurement and control is important to everyone?

Since we cannot detect ionizing radiation via our humanly senses, we can only depend on a small, light weight, long time continuous measurement personal radiation detector (PRD) to act as our ionizing radiation sensing device.

Once our PRD had notified the dose rate measured in μSv/h (read as micro-sievert per hour), and it started to display a rising dose rate, we would have to leave the location immediately, since the longer we stay, the more radiation dose absorption would occur into our biological body’s tissues, and the best is to get as far as possible away from the source ionizing radiation.

Why is it important to everyone?

Because ionizing radiation pose as a health hazard if the radiation dose absorption goes beyond the safety limits of one can take (Reference Dose Absorption Table as above)

There are directly and indirectly types of ionizing radiation health hazards.

The directly way is when one is very near the source, even for a short moment, some of the ionizing radiation would have knocked off some electrons from your DNA molecules, causing it to be permanently damaged, and if it can’t self repair, it’ll mutate into cancerous cells, causing cancerous tumors in the long run. Some other ways of directly is consuming radioactive contaminated food (knowingly or unknowingly), and since we know that radioactive decay can cause alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays to emerge from the decay, these small atomic scale decay can cause the surrounding body tissues’ DNA to be damaged by the alpha, beta, particles, and gamma rays could knock off electrons from the DNA.

The indirect way is even more malicious, since currently, for example, when the Fukushima Radioactive Waste Water are being released to the Pacific Ocean, these radioactive waste water could come into contact with the marine biology of the entire Pacific Ocean, and since ionizing radiation is being absorbed into living body cells, when the fishes or crustaceans are being caught by the fishery industry, and when it is served at your favourite restaurant, there is no way you can see that coming, and when the unsuspecting customers consumes the radioactive contaminated seafood, the radioactive contaminant is then consumed into the human body, and having radioactive contaminants inside one’s body is as good as having a directly ionizing radiation effect.

Therefore, thus, it’s better and safer, for the sake of everyone’s health, we really think that everyone should have a personal radiation detector with them, and should they like seafood from the Pacific Ocean, now everyone would have the ability to measure dose rate, just by placing their personal radiation detector close to the food.

And if you are living near a nuclear power plant, you would have the ability to measure the dose rate of your home environment!