Prevent Overdose

Sv means sievert a SI unit on absorbed dose to the human body, incidentally 1 Sv = 1 Gy

As we already know by now that we cannot use our humanly senses to detect ionizing radiation, thus, getting informed about what is ionizing radiation all about first, would be the primary choice. Thus, the reason of collecting as much relevant information as possible, to keep the Global Public informed, what is ionizing radiation.

As per recommended in the earlier articles, the following websites would contain invaluable information for the reader’s quest to getting themselves informed of the dangers of ionizing radiation.

Sources of Data Used to Set Radiation Standards

Two series of reports provide much of the data used in setting radiation standards. The reports are produced by National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR).

The above 2 websites provides extensive studies and publications in regards to the environmental impacts and health impacts directly from ionizing radiation sources and also indirectly from ionizing radiation sources.

In our opinion, getting informed about the harms of ionizing radiation, whether directly or indirectly would be a first option.

Next, having a Personal Radiation Detector (PRD), that is small, lightweight, wearable, with long continuous operation, for continuous detection, would be highly preferred.

With the basic understanding of the harms of ionizing radiation, coupled with the necessary ability to detect Dose Rate, measured in μSv/h (read as micro sievert per hour), and understanding that when it reaches to dangerous levels, with high impacts to health, it would be a good idea to quickly vacate the ionizing radiation zone without any second guessing, just LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.