• Personal Radiation Detector (PRD)
  • Handheld Survey Meter
  • Radiation Isotope Identification Device (RIID)
  • Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM)

As each of the ionizing radiation measurement equipment have it’s own specific application, normally these different types of equipment can be purchased directly off the market easily.

However, due to the type of the technology applications, the power requirements of each equipment varies a lot, and thus, this would have a direct impact of it’s continuous measurement / detection abilities.

Since right now, we have already understood that ionizing radiation exist in our environment, it would be quite cumbersome to always carry a Personal Radiation Detector around with us, and so, we had envisioned a small, light weight, low power consumption device with long lasting measurement / detection abilities of beyond 1 year of continuous measurement / detection abilities, without recharging.

Truly a personal radiation detector, built for everyone’s use.

As we had received quite a number of inquiries asking about whether alpha and beta particles can be detected, usually, based on our understanding, alpha and beta particles usually do not transmit to a very far distance of more than a few meters, however, it’s usually the gamma rays that can travel vast distances, unless met with numerous stopping materials like very high Z number materials, like lead, etc.

For further understanding of the types of measurement equipment, please feel free to reference this website :

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