Ionizing Radiation Detection

A lot of big words here like ionizing radiation, we will do our best to clearly describe what is this all about and it’s effects to Health


As the above topic of “Why ionizing radiation measurement and control is important to everyone?” this topic is a hotly debated and discussed topic since the understanding of electromagnetic wave radiation, up to the atomic level or even smaller of studies of alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays among the scientific communities, helping governments of the world to understand better what are the impacts of ionizing radiation to the everyday living of everyone on earth and it’s impacts to health, thus assisting policy makers of the world craft out Public Healthcare policies on measuring, controlling, and protecting the public health interest against the harmful effects of ionizing radiation overdose.

Before proceeding to discuss about the major topic, herein entails on the key fundamental understanding of what is radiation all about, and currently what type of Radiation measurement equipment do we have for the general public use, and what are the radiation measurement S.I. (International Systems of Measurement)

As we intend to make this article as accessible and easily understandable, so that we can reach the general public, not just United States of America, however, the world.

Herein forward would be the necessary basic understanding of :

  1. What is radiation?
  2. What ionizing radiation measurement equipment exist currently?
  3. What are the ionizing radiation measurement standards?
  4. What are the impacts of ionizing radiation to the living bodies?
  5. What are the sources of ionizing radiation?
  6. What we can do to prevent ionizing radiation overdose?
  7. Why is ionizing radiation measurement important?
  8. Why is ionizing radiation control important?
  9. What are the effects of ionizing radiation to the environment and ecosystem of earth?
  10. Why ionizing radiation measurement and control is important to everyone?

We believe that only discussing the above questions, would allow us to fully answer the question of why ionizing radiation measurement and control is important to everyone.

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