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Psi Savior of the world and beyond, through Technology, Wisdom and Compassion

Our Mission

We are an information technology firm specializing on Global Market research and development, product design, OEM, ODM, digital marketing and E-commerce, serving clients in various market segments.

We are constantly analyzing market trends and clients’ future needs, so that the R&D group can create new technologies to meet those needs.

Our chief competitive edge relies on the power of Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning Algorithms, Power Management, Microelectronics,  Electronics, Software Engineering, and finally Quantitative & Qualitative Social Sciences Research Methodologies.

We are currently using our Intellectual Properties to design products that are light weight, small, long operation time, portable, wearables which are having multi-probes which can detect dose rate, TVOC, Temperature, Humidity, Altitude, Atmospheric Pressure, and many more Thermodynamics Detection capabilities are on the way. It had taken us far too long to reach to this point, and Psi Savior Ltd proudly presents you with our humble website to serve you and humanity, through Technology, Wisdom and Compassion.

Our History

Greek Language is around since 800 B.C. till today, it is filled with a wealth of culture, philosophies, ideologies, architectures, and of which a worthy mention of Socrates (470 B.C. ~ 399 B.C.), the philosophical thinker, the wisest man alive back then who said “I know that I know nothing”.

As the Greek Alphabets portrays a scientific mathematical symbol representation and are currently being used in all scientific disciplines calculation of obtained environmental parameters via each of their very own Thermodynamics Parameter Probes.

Our in house Graphics Design Department have spent weeks in their due diligence research, with countless intellectual discourses with each and every of our in house Research Scientists, Principal Scientist, and Founders, we believe that when naming our product with these Greek Alphabets, and the Bluetooth Icon, could fully express the Product’s core functionality through connotative meaning and deductive reasoning from the intelligent readers’ interpretation, as we believe that all of our customers are intelligent and would see the meaning almost immediately.

On why we call our BRAND Psi Savior. In mathematics, PSI Ψ, is a direct representation of the SUPERGOLDEN RATIO

This number can be derived using the above SUPERGOLDEN RECTANGLE Principles, and or using this following equation to solve for PSI ΨThe above PSI Ψ is the only solution. In other words, perfection.

As we use the word SAVIOR in our brand, the direct meaning we want to portray in our brand would be to provide products that can SAVE LIVES, since all of which our detected parameters are for early warning of hazardous environment / materials within the range of the user. [for example, our Geiger function detects radioactivity level of the user’s surrounding, and our TVOC function can detect Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde and Natural Gas / LPG] this word SAVIOR would like to express the meaning that whoever are using PSI SAVIOR products, they will be having their very own PSI SAVIOR by their side, to save them from harms way, and to provide a early warning, for the user’s appropriate response.

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